Kevork Aghazarian Web Programmer & Consultant

About Me A Brief Summary

I began developing websites and web applications in 2001, my first jobs being freelance work for individuals. I quickly started a small business while still in high school, where I acted as a webmaster for many companies whom I met through family and friend connections. These relationships eventually evolved, and when I began college in 2005, I started a small web firm with a partner, called Pezus Web Development Inc. During this period, I gained a lot of experience programming, but also in managing a business. I worked mostly with small businesses and start-ups, and I quickly became specialized in consulting for these kinds of businesses, helping them get started and grow.

In 2012, I transitioned to Azzimov, an Artificial Intelligence Product Search company, as their senior programmer. I quickly began to develop highly complex data authoring systems which handled millions of products per day, with up to a billion data points at any given time. My work there allowed me to explore the world of A.I. in web applications. I eventually became Azzimov's Development Team Lead, and in 2015, I became their Technical Director, where I oversaw all production and R&D teams, as well as made decisions on future technologies the company would adopt and implement.

During my career, I have taken-on many other small ventures, as well as consultation and advisory positions at different companies, and educational institutions. Some of my most interesting work has come from working with teacher and department heads at Vanier College, where I was able to report on the current industry trends, and recommend course adjustments for students taking web related subjects.

My career in software stemmed from my initial interest in hardware, where I constantly built my own computers (or for friends/family), and explored the world of PC modifications, overclocking, benchmarking, and so on.

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